DIY Edibles Gummy Kit w/Cannabis customization

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No more guessing about edible gummy recipes, how to mix in the marijuana concentrate, or how potent your edibles will be. We did all the hard work so you don’t have to. Our DIY edible gummy recipe creates 64 pieces of delicious, true-gummy candy.

Want to know how potent each piece will be? That’s easy. All you need to know is how much concentrate (in grams) you’re adding and the percentage of THC (example: 72% THC). Use our potency calculator on our website or consult our potency thermometer on the box.

Stop making questionable edibles and start knowing your potency. Want 5mg pieces? Want 25mg pieces? Easily customize the potency you want.

Pair your favorite cannabis concentrate with our kit to create 64 pieces of custom-potency edibles!

Baba G DIY = 70% less expensive than store bought edibles!

(kit does not include cannabis)


16 reviews for DIY Edibles Gummy Kit w/Cannabis customization

  1. Tim

    My favorite way to consume edibles! Better tasting, cheaper than buying pre-made, instructions are clear, and the dosage on each candy feels the same if you mix well.

  2. Kay

    Baba G kits are the BEST! They’re beautifully designed with easy to follow instructions. These kits leave out all the guesswork, making it super easy to create your own custom gummies to fit your specific needs. You can add up to 3 grams of only CBD, sativa, indica, a blend, or even just make fancy gourmet gummies for fun. I love how there’s full control. I’m a repeat customer and often give the kits as gifts. I recommend reading over the instructions first before making your candies (just to get familiarized with it), as well as keeping your kit with the box and directions for reuse with Baba G’s refill packs.

  3. Riley

    Easy to make and better than any I’ve found in stores. The cost savings are huge too ($20 instead of $100+ for same quantity). They are great for my mornings and my wife swears by them to help her get good sleep. Big fan!

  4. Ravin

    Love this kit! So easy to make and so yummy!

  5. Zach

    Due to health reasons, I cannot inhale smoke. Edibles are all I can do, and that gets expensive fast purchasing every Friday from my local shop. I decided to get a kit and see how they turn out….
    UMMMM, I feel like I unlocked a cheat code. I felt before Baba I was spending as wisely as I can. I tabbed my mix up with watermelon mode, and this new customer made out like Superman.
    For the price I paid for my kit and concentrate I would have gotten under 30 gummies of my old pre-made edibles. I ended up with more than twice that and it was fun, and I customized my dosages, and I no longer am creating waste with canisters, wrapping, and boxes for store bought gummies. Saving the planet, my bank account, and keeping my sane.
    Thank you, Baba G, who ever you are. For helping me zen out and realize how to unlock my own potential as a human being.
    Baba G makes me whole again.

  6. John

    This was my first experience with gummies. I asked a few questions and received the answers that I needed. Would absolutely buy again.

  7. AJG

    Easy to use and so much fun to make!

  8. John

    I really enjoyed my diy gummies! I had the Fuji apple flavor. This was my first time making editables and I had a few questions, that were quickly answered when I contacted Baba G. Thanks again!

  9. Nancy

    Kit is overpriced for what you get, just a spatula, some sugar packets and a mold from China. Would not recommend

    • babagadmin

      Hi Nancy, sorry to hear this wasn’t for you. We get lots of great feedback from people who love our kit and find great value in it but we realize it’s not for everyone. We’re always trying to make it better, and we proudly source all of our biodegradable packaging, and ingredients from local US suppliers. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for giving us a try.

  10. Henryetta

    Super amazing product. I bought this not long after Oklahoma went medical, and it was clear that dispensaries didn’t have quality edible. This fixed that!!! They make it so easy that it takes no time at all especially after your first time. Will continue to buy this kit as it hasn’t let me down once!!

  11. Steven Barnard

    Super easy to make – i’m 100% useless in the kitchen.l and I managed to make gummies that look exactly like the pictures.

    I can’t wait for the refill kits!

    • babagadmin

      Thanks Steven! Happy to hear the process was easy for you – we designed it that way! Refill packs coming at ya soon!

  12. Patrick

    I had never made any kind of candy or gummies before, but the process was easier than I would’ve guessed- was actually pretty fun. I made my batch much stronger than the dispo here sells, and for less than they charge too. Spatula and mold are included in the kit, but may be a good idea to have your own piece of parchment or silicone mat or whatever non-stick material underneath in case you spill a lil bit, but not necessary…as the instructions say, you can “lick the spoon” to take care of any excess/spillage, haha. I’m stoked, thanks!

  13. Mark Matthews

    Delicious candy that was easy to make. I was very happy with everything in the kit except the molds they are very thin plastic and mine has a very thin crack in one corner already, it still works and I’ll keep using it. It could be better with a thicker mold or silicone mold. But at the end of the day the point of the kit is to make tasty candy and with their easy to follow recipe and kit it does just that! I’ve already ordered the refill kits in excitement

    • babagadmin

      Hi Mark! Thanks for the review. We’re glad you love Baba G candy as much as we do. Sorry to hear about your mold but glad it still works. We’ll send you a backup with your refill packs. We’re looking at ways to improve without raising costs. Custom silicone is ideal but very costly. Eventually we’ll get there. For now we want you to be able to affordably customize your own edibles. Thanks for pre ordering the refill packs, we’ll keep you posted!

  14. Amanda, FL

    The Baba G candy kit is perfect!!! It has literally everything you need & it’s so easy to make! The candies came out looking & tasting professional. The Fuji Apple tastes amazing. I highly recommend the Baba G kit. It puts edibles in my price range.

  15. BootsCassady

    If you’re looking for a carefully crafted product with the quality to match the best candy available on the market, AND you enjoy saving yourself money on edibles, this kit is the perfect thing. Even while spending a little extra on activated concentrate, I ended up with 64 pieces at 13mg of potency each for under $65! I would have to spend $240 for a similar product at the dispensary.

  16. Mattakai in Michigan

    Great product, easy to use and awesome customer service. I can’t wait for more flavors!

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Take your weed edibles to the next level!

Use the kit again and again with Baba G’s Refill Pack!

What’s in the box?

Ingredients + Flavoring + Candy mold + Spatula + Recipe + Awesomeness.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, flavoring extract, food coloring

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 in

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