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Refill Packs Now Available!

Customize your Baba G edible experience again with this refill pack.
Use the Baba G candy mold, spatula and recipe instructions from your original kit!

Baba G DIY = 70% less expensive than store bought edibles!

(refill pack does not include cannabis)

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6 reviews for Refill Pack

  1. Kay

    I love the Baba G kit and was super excited to find out they offer refills too. I was able to reused the supplies and instructions from two kits I previously purchased – which is using less material waste (better for the planet) and saves a little money. I made 2 batches – a total of 128 gummies @ approx 12.5 mg per piece. In the end, it cost about $1.02 per gummy including cost of concentrate. A rockin’ deal! And not only are the gummies a higher potency, they’re a much better value than what you’d get at the dispensaries. The cool part is, once I let the gummies cure, I put them in the bags the refills came in – furthering reuse. Hooray! Also, on a side note, there’s just something special about making your own adult candy that is so fun and rewarding – especially when you make them with a friend or partner. It’s a great time! And, don’t forget to lick the spatula (and everything used in the making, lol!) – but of course if you have no plans to leave the house. Perfect for these quarantined times :o)

  2. Renewal by Anderson

    I had a lot of fun with this kit!! Instructions are decent, and it’s easy to get great results (although the little thermometer graphic made NO sense to me until I found the online calculator toy to play with). The whole matter of “activated” or not seemed over my head, too – I had to ask my friend to learn I should buy “dabbable” oil.

    All that confusion went away when I panicked about my crop of sour apple gummies being maybe too soft but also too stuck to the mold to remove. Not to worry – it all turned out great!!

    I’ve cut one of the gummies in half to bring it to a green apple “chill out” hotness level, and I can say this is exactly what I’ve been hoping to find – now I have 127 (remaining) treats, and no downsides – plus, maybe I have new kitchen skills!

    Thank you, Baba-G, for helping me be green today.

    PS – The mold is very nice, and the whole kit is a real treat. But from an ingredients point of view, the only thing a person might need to buy that’s not already on hand would maybe be the candy flavoring pack.The recipe should make this clear, I feel, so I’m giving only 4 stars.

  3. Riley

    These have been a life saver and wallet saver. Just what you need to keep the magic going!

  4. Ravin

    Love that these refill packs are available! So convenient to not have to get a whole new kit. These gummies are soooo good! I cant get enough!

  5. Day13

    I went from the diy kit to purchasing the refill packs. It’s so much fun and rewarding when you are able to make your own edibles. Who needs over priced edibles when you got Baba G providing the goods. Thank you for this incredible edible experience! I will be returning.

    • Baba G

      We couldn’t have said it better! Thank YOU for the support and sharing your experience!

  6. Amanda, FL

    I loved the Baba G kit so much that I couldn’t wait for these refill packs to come out!!! I can’t wait to try the Strawberry. Using this refill pack lowers the total cost to ~1.10/piece!! Pretty cheap to me!

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